Art Talk TV

I've been to a lot of art talks. Well that's not quite true. I have been to a lot of gallery openings and been immersed in the glitz and the wine. But to be honest, I have not followed up on a lot of the art talks. By comparison, it just seemed more relaxed, like a low-key intimate lecture on the musings of the artist rock star.

From the content of this WOMAN'S TONGUE art series I knew immediately that I needed an art talk to give space to the discussions that it would spark. There just seemed to be so much more to say...and I wanted it to be an art talk that I would not have missed.

So, the idea of a panel discussion became the route I decided to explore so that I could discuss these heavily political, cultural and socially confrontational pieces. I figured that above all, this art talk must be entertaining. All would be right with the world as long as there is a lively conversation in a room full of intellectual like-minded folk and of course, wine.

"Yes, so you see, the current issue of the day inspired this concept and I was compelled to paint it as an extension of my experience on this plane of existence."

The only problem I found in actually trying to make the panel idea work was that I don't like panels. It's on the opposite end of the few art talks I've attended. There's too much lack of intimacy. The table becomes a barrier and the conversations are seldom organic...and for the audience, that long table with five or so panelists could be waning on people watching and waiting to ask a question. Somewhere in the middle of this search I started to look at some talk shows. Their formats inspired me and I embraced the idea of an Art Talk, talk show.

"OooMG! Is this how it feels to be like Oprah??!!"

Now, I only had one day and two cameras to pull this off....and we all know necessity is the mother of I filmed the Art Talk in three segments, each with three separate wardrobe changes, three distinct guests chatting with me about the issues brought up in the artwork and a dedicated focus on the audience and their input.

Viola! I had in effect produced an entertaining Art Talk for people to see and participate....and fully equipped with poets and performers to top it off.